Thursday, 9 July 2015

Copenhagen transport System

Copenhagen has a state of the art transport infrastructure with integrated road, rail and air network. These all aim in providing comfort and facilitating the general public. City management has established cycling tracks to encourage bicycles for general convenience and overall environmental issues. Copenhagen is the friendliest city for bicycling. Excellent harbor services and cruise ship facilities are available for individual and group pleasure trips. This was traveling brings many options to go around in the city.
Famous ├śresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden and a traveller may opt any mode of transport from going from Denmark to Sweden or coming back. Copenhagen road network is large and quite congested in peak rush hours. People love to use bicycles for going to work and this way they travel like 1.1 million kilometers daily.

Copenhagen has rapid urban transit network for the people in urban areas. This along covers 170 kilometers by S-Train being a metro like train system. This has four main lines while the railway tracks are completely separate from general traffic. This system is partly elevated, partly underground and at some places on the ground but it never hinders the traffic. These four line has six trains running each hour and have smart time table. Where needed these trains run every two or three minutes to meet the challenges.Ringbanen is one of the lines that however, is timed like 12 trains per hour. This train system is always on the path of improvement with full commitment and zeal. One can have a grand feeling by looking at the train network map available on railway stations.

Copenhagen Airport holds IATA Code as CPH is the main airport that serves Copenhagen. This is the largest airport facility Scandinavia but ranked 17th largest within Europe.Copenhagen Airportis situated in Kastrupon(Amager Island) has very efficient air connections with downtown areas through metro as well as regional trains. Roskilde holds iATA Code as RKEis situated 30 kilometers towards west of Copenhagen. This is used for general aviation and business jets. You can easily book online for Copenhagen airport shuttle for safe and reliable transportation.

There is no intercity bus terminal in Copenhagen but most of the local and international bus services run through the central city. This again an efficient connectivity between bus stops.

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